Breaking news! Conservation practice is actually positive (and so are conservationists)

By Stephanie Brittain Conservationists are increasingly getting a bad reputation as moaners and pessimists. While this may not sound like important news, a less than flattering article by Mongabay argues that an increasingly bleak tone from conservationists could pose a real problem for conservation by diminishing the recruits of future scientists […]

Hard earned lessons of fieldwork planning

Fieldwork is a really fun and exciting ‘perk’ of conservation research and my colleagues always seem to be heading off to unusual and sometimes exotic locations. I can understand why fieldwork may sound glamorous to some people (e.g. my mum, who keeps asking me how my ‘holiday’ is going). Yet, the reality is that fieldwork is actually really hard work. It’s also easy to underestimate the often gruelling process we have to go through to plan it.