Combining local knowledge and occupancy analysis for a rapid assessment of the forest elephant Loxodonta cyclotis in Cameroon’s timber production forests

Forest elephants are found to occupy timber concession forests in Cameroon within areas currently deemed ‘unlikely’ by IUCN, according to a scientific study published in Oryx —The International Journal of Conservation  In Cameroon, forests provide the wood needed to build homes and cook food, as well as a multitude of non-timber […]

Unquestioning defence of ‘militarized conservation’ is naïve (commentary)

  Commentary by Leejiah Dorward and Paul Barnes   Originally posted on Mongabay, reposted here with point by point rebuttal of McCann’s article.   In a recent article, Niall McCann attacks critics of the “militarization” of conservation by academics such as Professor Rosaleen Duffy of the University of Sheffield in […]